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Talks and Workshops

The following workshop and talk lists are copied from my current flyer. 


NEW! Time & Time Again workshop version of my popular pattern

Super Strips Quilt Centre for strip cuts/Jelly Rolls - great for Jelly Rolls or scraps!

The Rice Sack Bag Revisited new version!Spinning Squares for layer cake cuts.

Japanese Circles and Squaresexplore colour & easy appliqué circles, fat quarter friendly

Sashiko & Japanese sewing -

NEW! Sashiko for Summer four panels with different designs.

Sashiko Furoshiki traditional gift wrapping cloth with sashiko stitching.

Introduction to Shonai Sashiko master the basics of hitomezashi (one stitch sashiko).

Sashiko Kinchaku Bag drawstring bag – learn how to mark and stitch sashiko.


I have made two photo albums for my various workshops - one for sashiko and one for patchwork and bags - click the links in red to view the albums. You don't need to buy a print copy of the albums to be able to view them (although you can if you want to!) - I created them so I'd have photobooks for my workshops that I can show people easily.  Click the 'full screen' button at the bottom right of the pages to see the books on a large scale.  You can pause the slideshows and flip back and forth on the pages with the arrows on either side.  I've included lots of photos of my workshop samples, pieces made in the workshops and class photos, along with information about what you'll achieve in each class. Enjoy!


My workshop fees for all new bookings will be - £200 per day for a maximum of 12 students. For more than 12, please add £16 per person up to a maximum of 16 for sashiko and 20 for patchwork workshops.  A £50 non refundable deposit is payable at the time of booking.  If a workshop is cancelled within six weeks of the proposed date, the remaining minimum workshop fee (i.e. £150) is payable.  The deposit and cancellation policy are because I try to group workshops bookings back to back with other quilt groups or shops whenever possible, so mileage costs can be split, and having a cancellation in the middle of one of these workshop/talks tours will leave me with accommodation costs and possibly unpaid mileage if I am to fulfil my other bookings. The balance of workshop fees and my mileage are payable at the end of the workshop, by cheque or cash.  I prefer not to take electronic payments, as it can create extra admin for me chasing these up.


Talks -


NEW! Samplers and Settings - how I learned to love sampler quilts and the many ways to set blocks.  Featuring many sampler quilts from my books and magazine projects, and the stories behind them.


NEW! Confessions of a UFO Watcher - I've had more than a few UFOs, just like most quilters! See what's in my unfinished projects pile, along with works in progress and those I've finished, with many tales along the way. Why not bring along some of yours and we'll see what ideas we can come up with?


¨      My Japanese Quilting Inspirations

¨      Sashiko & Japanese Country Textiles

¨      Japanese Textiles for Special Occasions

¨      Travels with a Bag Lady

¨      From Paint to Stitch – my art & quilts

All my talks feature the real thing - lots of quilts, bags or kimono as appropriate.  I don't use slides.


Talks are £125, with deposit and cancellation terms as above.  If booked with a workshop, only one deposit is required.


Mileage is 40p per mile at present, although this will have to go to 45p from 2015. Please note, my mileage rate it NOT negotiable. It has to cover the costs of running a vehicle appropriate to my work needs and cannot be compared to lower rates your organisation may pay to employees or volunteers for the relatively occasional use of their private vehicles.  Any attempt to alter mileage rates after they have been agreed will be considered a breach of contract and I may be forced to cancel the booking.


Any congestion charges, road/bridge/tunnel tolls or ferry fares will also be recharged at the actual rate paid.


NB - London Emissions Zone - I cannot drive into the LEZ in my usual vehicle as it is a pre-2006 diesel unless I pay £100 per day. Thanks Transport for London! At the moment, I also have a petrol car which I will use for London bookings, but it is much smaller and I can't bring as many things.  It will also not be possible to tag London bookings onto quilt shows or tours in the region as I will need the diesel for those events. Sorry, that's just how it goes at the moment.  Since the LEZ charge is based on the engine and not the amount of driving done within the zone, this seems rather unfair but the daily charge is just ridiculous for driving a few miles.

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